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Modular Plans

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Q. What is a modular home?
A. A modular home is quite simply, a traditional home that is constructed in sections inside a factory, and then delivered by truck to your building site. We then "set" these sections together and finish the construction from there.

Q. What does a modular home look like?
A. Today's modular home looks like any other house on the street. In fact, you can't tell them apart.

Q. Do you finance the construction of the modular home?
A. No…But we do work with several banks and can assist in obtaining financing.

Q. How much will the modular cost to build?
A. At Shore Modular we have no hidden costs, It will cost you the price of the modular (upgrades extra), finishing, onsite work (engineering fees, sidewalks, septic, wells, water/sewer laterals, etc.), and land.

Q. How much of a down payment do you require?
A. We require a down payment of 10% of the total cost of the house, and the balance to be paid the day of delivery by bank check.

Q. How long does it take to get an estimate once we sit down and go over a design/floor plan?
A. We can prepare an estimate the same day. If you are in our office for a visit, please ask to have one done.

Q. Do you have lots available that I can build my home on?
A. Occasionally, we will have lots available. We do have licensed professional real estate agents in-house to work with on finding your perfect home site.

Q. Can I use my own home plan or customize one of yours?
A. Absolutely, most traditional homes made can be made by a modular company with little or no modifications. We also have over 200 stock plans to choose from. Our homes are fully customizable and built to meet the buyer’s needs. We are available to help our clients design their own modular floor plan.

Q. Do your homes come with a warranty?
A. Yes. Our New Home Warranty for new modular homes provides buyers with one year of coverage on any defects, and ten years of coverage on major structural components. Some products carry their own warranty which may be longer such as windows, shingles, appliances and cabinets.

Q. How long does the process take to construct my home?
A. Typically, the process will take 3 - 5 months from our first meeting to move-in.

Q. What is the cost difference of modular vs. stick-built?
A. When you add up all the labor, material and time savings inherent in the modular building process, the money you save by choosing modular construction over "on-site" can be substantial. On average, you can save 20-30%. Modular building facilities buy in bulk, which can really hold the price of materials down. The construction time of a modular home is substantially shorter than "on-site" built homes; no delays due to weather or subcontractors. Shorter construction time saves you money! Also, the construction loan, which typically has a higher interest rate, will be converted into a final mortgage in a period of weeks rather than months. This can end up saving you a large amount of money, sometimes into the thousands. Finally, modular homes are built to be extremely energy efficient. This energy efficiency reduces heating and cooling cost, therefore reducing the long term cost of the home.

Q. What is the difference between "Turn key" and "Set on foundation" pricing?
A. Our company generally prices and sells modular homes two ways. The first is "Turn Key or Finished". This means that we handle everything from start to finish; permits to when the home is complete and a certificate of occupancy issued. The second is "set on foundation or drop and set". In this method, you the property owner wish to save even more money by being involved in the construction process as the general contractor. This means you hire and oversee the sub contractors, such as the excavator, the plumbing and heating, etc. You contract with us a price for the home set and delivered weather tight on the foundation. The house itself at this point is about 85 - 90% complete.

Q. Where do you build your homes?
A. I offer “Turn Key” homes within a 45 mile radius of Atlantic City. I will “Drop and Set” homes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Delaware.

Q. Are your modular homes energy efficient?
A. Yes. Our Modular Home manufacturers are ENERGY STAR® partners and committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials to build higher quality energy efficient homes.

Q. What about options or upgrades?
A. Any option you can get with a conventional stick built home, you can also get with a modular. Some of the more popular options are: fireplaces, whirlpools, hardwoods, tile, granite countertops, roof pitch, etc.

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